”Odd Music For Odd People”

Dagmar is an artist, musician, and facilitator, and likes the DIY and the DIT (do it together) approach. Her background is in performing arts, with special focus on encouraging active and voluntary participation as part of collaborative processes. She is interested in all aspects of social solidarity and it is her endeavour to nurture these wherever she can. Becoming an active contributor to local music events, she frequently organized shows and was the founder and editor of a Plymouth based zine. Dagmar has a passion for the unconventional, the amateur, the incongruous, and the surprise.
She likes making complicated rhymes, feeding the masses, redistributing trash transformed into treasure, participating in acoustic sessions, being mesmerized by graphic design or other artistic expression, engaging in serious dialogue and silly dancing, plotting for the next performance, and cutting hair. She can’t stand racism, sexism, or any other oppressive force, apathy, greed, malevolence, chauvinism, complacency, inequality, capitalism, and maybe a few other things.
Amanda describes herself as human, and she is almost accurate in her assessment. Amanda’s creativity comes in the form of creating abstract solutions to seemingly intractable problems, which to her are simply the blindingly obvious. An example of Amanda’s theories is “as don’t treat people like crap if you want them to thrive.” She thinks it’s like kicking a limping man in the leg to force him to walk better. In 2020 Amanda took the bold decision to not listen to any music she had heard before, which means she plays a lot of brand new music, focusing on post punk and lyrical rhymes. She likes bands like Bob Vylan, Yard Act, Squid and The Cool Greenhouse.
She now admits she does in fact, play music she has heard before, but not music she hasn’t heard before before. In her spare time Amanda can be found wondering around festivals at all hours of the day or night. She pretends she is security but actually she is only there for the bands and to look after lovely people who have found themselves in a stickyish situation. Amanda insists that you can’t pick yourself up by putting someone else down, she will tell you that this only leads to everyone being on the floor. She suggests we grab the outstretched hand of the person in front of us, then reach behind and pick up the next person. This is her philosophy of life.
Our audiozine :- Plymsqueak is a work in progress to be honest with you. Right now we chat and play music based on a random theme, anything from to politics to fish to collaborations and duets, inviting you to add to the mix. Our greatest ambition is for the show to evolve and create its own path alongside the strange and beautiful people of Plymouth. We are proud to present on Ptown radio and embrace the opportunity to be part of a diverse and inclusive community.
When we can, we persuade people to join us and bring the music and words that are meaningful to them, and offer our outstretched hand if you have a yearning to come and chat music and life with us. Our tagline, odd music for odd people can only truly be understood by listening to the show, so we aren’t even going to try and explain. Instead we invite you to listen, we hope you’ll love it or hate it and we are honestly okay with that, because it’s apathy alone which is the killer of creativity.
Join us every Tuesday evening from 7-9 for an evening of music and discussion. Get involved by messaging our facebook page or texting 07835490010

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