Business Talk with Diversity Business Incubator (DBI) is an hour-long business show hosted by Jabo Butera and Tendai Madume every Friday from 12:00 am on Ptown Radio.

The show first aired in May 2020 and has seen several guests such as Fitz Spencer from HonkyTonk Wine Library, entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah, RAF BAME ambassador Rotimi Keshinro and more.

Our show was started to help talk about issues in the business world, help the local entrepreneurs and businesses promote what they are doing. Each topic has 10 episodes and with each episode, we dive deeper into our topics and so far we have talked about employment, business planning, and financial literacy.

Jabo Butera, is a business entrepreneur, a mentor, and has more than 10 years of business experience. He created DBI in 2018 to help solve the issue of the lack of BAME businesses in Devon, starting with his city Plymouth. DBI has helped develop, grow, and nurture businesses in and around Plymouth over the past years and with that experience, Jabo Butera is using his platform and voice on the show to raise awareness to these businesses.

Tendai Madume, is the owner of Cutzz hairstyle and Ptown radio, winner of ‘THE RESILIENCE AWARD 2020’ at THE DEVON BAME BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS, and brings his expertise and experience as a business owner and an entrepreneur to the table for some relatable advice.

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