When it comes to Brogan, he certainly does more than his fair share for the community, He has recently moved over from another radio station in Plymouth and has really felt like he's in his second home with us!

Brogan loves football, he's massive supporter of our home team Plymouth Argyle and has even met quite a few of the players as well as been to see several games that they have played at Home Park.

Brogan's also a massive music fan, he loves any and every type of music, and is usually pretty good at telling you what year they came out, and from what album! Make sure you stick around and hear some of his quirky facts when it comes to different musicians and their songs.

Brogan's a DJ and has done several events comparing and being the DJ for the event.

Out of his time at the radio, Brogan is a massive wrestling fan, again having met some of the wrestlers themselves, got autographs from some of the WWE stars and again, seeing more matches that wrestlers have preformed.

Loves going to mega shake / mega dog

Mr famous everyone knows brogan

DJ big B has autism and learning disabilities bit he never lets it beat him. He likes to raise awareness of this on air, getting his story out and proving that just because you have a disability, it doesn't define who you are, or your capabilities in life.

You can also catch Briogan volunteering at the food larder in Mount Wise.

You can catch Brogan live every Thursday from 1-3PM for Thursday Anthems with DJ Big B!